Sheffield Dyslexia Centre

Teaching, Supporting, Assessing

1:1 Specialist Maths Tuition

We offer 1:1 specialist tuition delivered by experienced specialist teachers.

We can support children, young people and adults with maths at all levels up to Higher Level GCSE.

Tuition is structured uses multi-sensory techniques which support weak working memory and/or processing speed. The programme of work is individualised to the student’s particular needs and builds on information gained at assessment (either a diagnostic assessment or initial planning assessment). Specific teaching targets set are reviewed regularly to document progress.

Lessons are usually 1 hour per week. Primary aged children are taught within the school day within the Centre.  Secondary aged students and adults are taught after school or on Saturdays, either in the Centre or via Skype.

Positive links and communication with a child or young person’s school or college are encouraged.


COST: £42 per hour


How to book

To book or enquire about any teaching, assessments or courses, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.