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Diagnostic Assessment for Adults (16+)

Adult (16+) diagnostic assessments are carried out within our centre by one of our experienced, highly qualified assessors-either one of our specialist teachers or a consulting educational or occupational psychologist. 

Before the assessment appointment:
A detailed questionnaire is emailed to you (plus those for school and family if appropriate) for you to complete and return. This provides important background information and ensures the assessor is appropriately prepared.
If GCSE or GCE exam access arrangements are a likely outcome, a completed Form 8 Section A should be obtained from the school or college and submitted with the questionnaires.

During the assessment appointment:
Please allow approximately 3 hours for the appointment. Accompanying friends or family are welcome to use our waiting room where hot and cold drinks are provided. Ample, free parking is available on site.
The assessor will discuss the information contained in your questionnaires and your current needs and concerns.
The formal process involves assessment of performance in verbal and non-verbal underlying ability, levels of attainment in reading, spelling, writing (and sometimes maths) and diagnostic testing to investigate the presence of dyslexia and possible indications of other specific learning difficulties.  
Areas of strength are identified as well as any problem areas.
Some verbal feedback will be provided at the end of the session.

Following the assessment appointment:
The completed report is emailed within 3 weeks of the assessment date.
This comprehensive report details scores, conclusions reached and personalised recommendations for support. It may suggest, for example, appropriate exam access arrangements (plus completed Form 8 Section C), useful resources, assistive technologies and/or access to specialist tuition.
The report can be used as evidence of specific learning difficulties when applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance (D.S.A.) in Higher Education.
After the report has been received, a ½ hour post-assessment feedback session can be arranged to discuss the findings/recommendations in the report, if required.

How to book

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