Sheffield Dyslexia Centre

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Work-Based Coaching and Coping Strategies Training

We offer specialist 1:1 support in our friendly Centre which is delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers. This is often funded through the Access to Work scheme. More information about this can be found at

Sessions can cover a wide range of topics. The exact nature of the programme content will depend on the client’s individual needs.

Topics that can be covered include:

Reading, Writing and Spelling Skills

• Types of Reading
• Reading at Speed
• Decoding Strategies
• Reading Comprehension
• Writing Organisation
• Note-taking
• Writing Clarity and Succinctness
• Writing Style
• Punctuation
• Grammatical Issues
• Use of Assistive Technologies (such as text-to-speech software, concept mapping software and Smart Pen)
• Helpful Features in Word
• Sentence Level Features
• Filling in Forms and Paperwork
• Work-related Spellings

Spoken Language and Word Retrieval
• Work-related Vocabulary

Speaking, Listening and Non-verbal Communications
• Organisation in Longer Verbal Communications/Presentations
• Delivery of Simple and Clear Instructions
• Non-verbal Features
• Features of Assertiveness in Communications

• Development of Mathematical Concepts
• Mathematical Calculation Methods which are Dyslexia Friendly
• Work-related Numeracy

• Time Management
• Personal Organisation
• Work Space Organisation
• Efficient Work Methods
• Taking Accurate Phone Messages

Planning and Prioritising
• Meeting Deadlines
• Coordinating Complex Work Projects

Short-term and Working Memory
• Support Strategies and Techniques
• Remembering messages and instructions
• Taking Notes in Meetings
• Recalling the Content of Written Material
• Multi-Tasking

Concentration and Attention

Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy
• Understanding of Individual Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses
• Positive Attributes
• Emotional Responses
• Identification and Communication of Continuing Need


PRICE: £65 per hour

How to book

To book or enquire about any teaching, assessments or courses, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.